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Investor Relations

Business Outline

History of Innovation

Since its establishment in 1958, the dawn of the computer age, the BIPROGY Group has supported the development of Japan’s information society by meeting the needs of the time. Furthermore, we will accelerate our efforts to solve social issues and transform ourselves into a company that creates social value.
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Value Creation Process

By expanding business ecosystems that span across sectors and business models and leveraging its accumulated strengths to solve the problems of society, the BIPROGY Group aims to create a sustainable society through the creation of social and economic value.
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Value Creation of the BIPROGY Group

Becoming a Company that Creates Social Value Leading to a Promising Future

By providing ICT infrastructure and system services for many years, the BIPROGY Group has earned the trust of its customers.

Today, we contribute to the digital transformation (DX) of our customers by creating new services and solutions using technologies that are evolving every day, such as cloud computing and AI.

In the future, we will leverage our experience in providing system integration services to a wide range of customers and our accumulated intellectual assets to further strengthen open innovation-driven combinations between various industries, sectors, and overseas best practices, achieving transformation for our customers’ business models.

The BIPROGY Group sees DX as an initiative to transform business processes, business models, and social systems through digital technologies, thereby contributing to continuous improvement of corporate value and resolution of social issues.

The Group supports our customers’ promotion of DX in order to respond flexibly and promptly to changing business environments and needs, and contributes not only to solving our customers’ business issues but also to solving social issues. Furthermore, we are working to expand business ecosystems in collaboration with our customers and partners by combining services and value created in diverse industries, sectors, and markets across the board, including services that help solve the social issues outlined in the SDGs.
Becoming a Company that Creates Social Value Leading to a Promising Future

From Business Ecosystems to Digital Commons

The Group has earnestly collaborated with customers in all industries to solve their problems, which has made it possible for us to accumulate experience and knowledge based on our familiarity with their operations.

By stitching together in a patchwork fashion the knowledge we have acquired while working with customers, solutions we have independently developed, open innovation, and various assets we have obtained through the pursuit of knowledge and other companies’ products and reworking knowledge obtained from customers into an optimal form, we will work to expand our unique, flexible business platform layer.

At the same time, we would like to increase, in the long term, service contexts that are appealing for customers by generalizing the experience and knowledge from individual projects into a form applicable to multiple customers and compiling that into a library. Furthermore, we will be able to quickly launch services that rivals cannot imitate and win the trust of customers as a business partner by keeping our eyes open both inside and outside the company and creating a system that makes it possible to provide the optimal combination of services for customers.

Increasing the number of customers who trust us will accelerate the creation of business ecosystems that link many different customers and give birth to novel practices among customers in new sectors.

As these cases grow, it will lead to greater trust from society, a stronger network effect within business ecosystems, more customers who share our ambitions, and solutions to a larger number of issues faced by society.

The Group intends to create and provide business ecosystems and platforms that solve social issues as digital commons, the shared assets of society, and to develop these into mechanisms that promote the creation of a society where everyone can live happily.

The BIPROGY Group’s foresight and insight and implementation capabilities backed by integrity (the power to get things done), which are fundamental to our strengths, will enable us to achieve sustainable value creation by implementing a value creation cycle that accelerates the creation of business ecosystems.

Value Creation Cycle

We aim to generate sustainable growth and create digital commons through this value creation cycle that accelerates the creation of business ecosystems based on assets acquired through the provision of services to customers.
Value Creation Cycle

Overview of the BIPROGY Group

The BIPROGY Group pioneered today’s information society by delivering Japan’s first commercial computers, and for more than 60 years since then, we have solved customer issues and built systems that support society and industry as a system integrator.

With this experience and track record as our backbone, we have combined our foresight and insight into social change, technology centered on ICT, and the business ecosystem we have formed with various partners to not only provide ICT services, but also to create new value that enriches society and to achieve a sustainable society.

Services Provided

The BIPROGY Group provides consistent ICT solution services that begin with the identification of customer management issues and culminate in their solutions.
BIPROGY Group’s Business Segments

BIPROGY Group’s Strength

Relationships with Customers and Partners in Various Industries

With a broad customer base in the financial, manufacturing, distribution, government, and public sectors, we provide IT solutions based on IT strategy consulting, as well as integrated services as far as operation management and maintenance support.
Relationships with Customers and Partners in Various Industries

Capabilities for Enabling Successful System Implementation

We are involved in everything from development to post-completion evaluation and improvement, and our solid knowledge and technical capabilities enable us to help shape our customers’ ideals into reality.
Capabilities for Enabling Successful System Implementation

Capabilities for Enabling One-Stop Vendor-Free Support

We provide an optimal ICT environment to solve our customers’ issues by providing one-stop support capabilities from a vendor-free standpoint that is not limited to our own hardware or software.
Capabilities for Enabling One-Stop Vendor-Free Support

Capabilities for Designing and Delivering New Services

In order to solve various issues for companies and society, we are aggressively investing with a focus on open innovation and developing human resources capable of designing new services.
Capabilities for Designing and Delivering New Services