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Message from the President & CEO

The BIPROGY Group will further transform itself with an eye toward creating social value.
The Company renamed itself BIPROGY Inc.(*) as of April 1, 2022, heralding a fresh start.

The BIPROGY Group established the Management Policies (2021-2023) with an eye toward a new stage where we can sustainably improve the corporate value of our entire group, pursuant to the Purpose and the Vision 2030. The Group as a whole is studious in achieving its goals set forth in the policy.

Revenue and profit increased in the fiscal year ended March 2022, the first fiscal year of the policy. The achievements were enabled due to improved profitability as well as an increase in the system services projects related to digital transformation (DX) and steadily accumulated outsourcing business projects.

We set forth two perspectives for enabling medium- to long-term growth. One is For Customers (promotion of DX for customers), to contribute to customers enabling sustainable growth, and the other is For Society (promotion of DX for society), to promote solutions for social issues together with customers and partners in different business sectors and industries.
We are a provider conducive to the digital commons with the aim of creating a sustainable society through efforts for expanding business ecosystems from the two perspectives. What we aim is to create new markets.

The BIPROGY Group will transform itself into a corporate group that draws out the potential of technology through foresight and insight and creates social value with an eye toward creating a sustainable society on the new company name and corporate brand.

June 2022
(*) BIPROGY is an acronym coined from the first letters of blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, green, and yellow, the seven colors visible when light is refracted and reflected. BIPROGY illustrates a world where the colors of light mix beyond any bounds. It also means that we will be a hands-on company that combines light and makes the seven colors shine to: - illuminate new paths in a chaotic society by mixing the colors of light of various business partners and various individuals, and - change the value we provide in response to changes in society and environments, just as the colors of light change in response to changes in circumstances.