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[ Before filling in this form ] : Handling of Personal Information

The inquirer is kindly requested to read thoroughly the 'Privacy Policy' of this company before filling in this form. If he or she agrees with the handling of his or her personal information as stated below, he or she should click 'I agree' and go on to the inquiry form. If he or she does not agree, we would appreciate the inquirer's kind understanding that he or she cannot input the form.

  1. Purpose of the use
    The personal information that the inquirer enters will be utilized for responding to his or her general inquiries.
  2. Provision to a third party
    We do not provide the personal information that the inquirer enters to a third party without obtaining his or her consent in advance.
  3. Outsourcing
    We do not outsource all or part of the handling of the personal information that we acquire.
  4. Contacting the Company concerning the disclosure, etc. of personal information subject for disclosure
    If the inquirer requests 'notification of the purpose of utilization', 'disclosure', 'correction, addition or deletion' or 'discontinuation of utilization, erasure or discontinuation of provision to a third party' (referred to as 'disclosure, etc.') or wishes to make inquiries concerning the personal information that he or she enters, please notify us either via the 'Contact section' as stated below, or as described in the 'Procedure to Request Disclosure, etc.' of the website of our Company.
  5. Note for entry
    Please note that if necessary items are not entered in the inquiry form, we may not be able to respond appropriately.
    The inquirer's kind understanding would be appreciated in advance.
  6. Acquisition of personal information by methods which are not readily apparent to users
    The joint utilization of web beacons and cookies enables us to acquire detailed statistical information.
    Such information includes the collected attributes and utilization status of users who viewed our website.It does not include any data that identifies specific users.
  7. Security control measures
    To ensure the security of personal information that we acquire, necessary and appropriate measures will be taken, including preventive and corrective measures against leakage, loss or damage. The inquiry form is protected by the encryption method of SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  8. Privacy policy and the companies of our group
    Please refer to the Privacy Policy and the list of BIPROGY Inc. group companies of our website.
  9. Personal information protection manager and contact section
    General Manager, Corporate Communications
    BIPROGY Inc.
    Please advise the contact section as described below.
  10. Contact section
    Corporate Communications
    BIPROGY Inc.
    1-1-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-8560

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